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Putting the Face to the Game!
by Mother-Frakker (privateskylark)
at 25th November 2008 (16:46)

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Ted: Recon Scribe [userpic]
by Ted: Recon Scribe (tedrick_james)
at 1st October 2008 (16:34)

Part-advertisement, part... really dorky. But for the crafty, maybe an idea?

Saria [userpic]
video gaming + health website
by Saria (shootthecore)
at 29th September 2008 (11:49)

Hey everybody. I know this place isn't as hopping as it had been, but hopefully I can get some responses!

I'm currently taking some preliminary courses to get into my university's graduate program in Educational Technology. For one of my final projects, I will be creating a website on video gaming towards better health. I'm thinking that it will feature a review of health-advocating video game software (i.e. Yourself!Fitness, Wii Fit, My Weight Loss Coach, etc). Possibilities also exist for video demos of these games. The main focus would be to assist people in deciding whether or not a particular game is "for them" or just plain crap-ola. Anyhow, a crucial part of my final project is to get some feedback from target audience members. What would YOU like to see in a site like this?

Saria [userpic]
A year after my first post here...
by Saria (shootthecore)
at 24th May 2008 (22:34)

It's been over a year or so since I'd gotten Yourself!Fitness, the game I inquired about in my first post in this community, and I still use it quite often. While it isn't my only source of exercise (I also go to the gym, bike to school/work, and go for walks and jogs on nice days), it is a nice option to have on crumby days when I just don't feel like leaving the house to go work out. Before deciding to change my life and get healthy, I was nearly 200lbs. I joined the school gym and was down to 170 by the time I got Yourself!Fitness, and now I am down to 136. Already having been a pretty healthy eater, I never went on any strict diets and never went hungry. I love eating :) but now it is important that I love being active, too! I'm very excited to have yet another alternative to at-home work outs--Wii Fit! I really do believe it is worth the price and recommend it to anyone!

A Name Used To Be Here [userpic]
by A Name Used To Be Here (et_tu_fatum)
at 22nd May 2008 (11:43)

I've been just reading this community on and off for the past year or so....

My name is Cat, I'm 21 years old. Between me and my boyfriend we have 3 comps, XBox 360, PS2, and a Wii. I play mostly World of Warcraft, a bit of Lego Star Wars, and DDR.

We just got the Wii Fit yesterday and I'm really excited about that. It's really nifty, and I plan on using that to help me get a bit more in shape in continuation with playing DDR and doing other activites.

So has anyone else checked out the new Wii Fit??

Demographic Questions
by tuturmedill (tuturmedill)
at 26th February 2008 (16:58)

I posted below about the project that I am conducting for my Medill journalism class. Sorry to keep posting, but it would really help me out if you could fill out the brief demographic survey below. You can either post your answers in an anonymous comment, or you can email me your answers at arthurtouchot2007@u.northwestern.edu. Everything is anonymous and this information will not be published. Again, it is just for a class project and I would really appreciate any help.

1. How old are you:
a) Under 18
b) 18 to 30
c) 31 to 50
d) 50 and over

2. What is your gender:
a) female
b) male
c) other

3. What is your income level:
a) below $20,000 (Student, no income, etc.)
b) $20,000 to $60,000
c) $60,000 to $100,000
d) $100,000 to $150,000
e) over $150,000

4. What is your ethnicity? ______

5. What is your education level?
a) Some high school
b) Some college
c) College graduate
d) Higher education

6. What is your profession? ______

If any of the questions make you uncomfortable, feel free to leave them blank.

I sent each of you a message asking you to fill out a more formal survey. That survey should only take a few minutes (it is 10 questions) and, again, would help me out tremendously.

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate this community's cooperation with my project.

-Arthur Touchot
(224) 565-5513

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

by tuturmedill (tuturmedill)
at 4th February 2008 (19:25)

Right now I am: bouncy

I am a journalism student at Medill, Northwestern University.
I am currently studying the phenomenon of blogging and its relations to Journalism
I would like to know if I could contact anyone for an informal interview.

Arthur Touchot

Contact Info:

villi26 [userpic]
by villi26 (villi26)
at 12th December 2007 (02:25)

Чемпионат — по Pump It Up (PIU) в «Crazy Park». Золото досталось Москве и Киеву.
( подробнее )

Inbred Mutt [userpic]
by Inbred Mutt (typhoid)
at 11th December 2007 (15:48)

Right now I am: amused

I really wish these products existed for more than the PS2, or that I'd known of them before now. These are awesome: http://www.thinkgeek.com/clearance/toysgoodies/98ed/

Basically it's an interruption of your PS2 controller, and it will only allow signals to the PS2 when you are exercising. How cool is that?!

Personally I am starting a new workout, muchly involving gaming. That way I hope to keep interested. These are tempting, but with such a high price tag I need to think about it.

Amanda [userpic]
Time to Revamp the Workout Schedule
by Amanda (widowspeak)
at 18th September 2007 (14:11)

Right now I am: determined
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Because some silly man named John slipped a huge ring on my left hand last Wednesday. :D

That's right: I'm getting married! *squee!*

As much as I hate to admit it, I really don't want my pictures to look crappy, so I feel it is time to step up the workout routine to the next level. So far, I have been doing 30 minutes of DDR Supernova in Workout Mode three times a week. This, I feel, is not enough anymore. My short term goal is to move up to doing 30 minutes of DDR five times a week by this time in October.

Beyond that, my exercise goals are as follows:

1--Start switching up my routine between DDR Supernova and our new copy of DDR Extreme 2, to ensure variety and curb boredom.

2--By November 18th, I intend to integrate Yourself Fitness back into the my routine twice a week.

3--Starting November 30th, I plan to add some sort of weight training to my schedule. (Right now, all I can afford to use as weights are gallon water jugs and our ABC fire extinguisher. Hey, it's worked in the past. *shrug*)

4--By New Year's Day, I aim to be doing five 45-minute workout sessions a week.

5--By Valentine's Day, I will be doing four to five 1-hour workout sessions a week.

Food wise, I've already been cutting most of the refined sugars and HFCS from my diet. (NOT EASY.) I've replaced my flavored non-dairy creamer for half-and-half and sugar-free vanilla syrup in my coffee every morning. (Fewer calories that way.) I am trying to up my water intake from five 8-ounce servings a day to eight, but it is really tough not to get bored with it.

I have also increased my vegetable intake from three servings a day to six. J and I have been adding vegetables in the usual places, such as pasta sauces, soups, and the like, but also in some unusual places too, like breads and even in some of the low-carb cookies I've made recently. (Also, steamed cauliflower pureed and added to mashed potatoes with some cheese really doesn't taste all that bad.)

Fruits, however, are still an issue. Honestly, it is a texture thing. I have always preferred getting my fruit intake from juice rather than eating fresh. But I'm working on it. I think I'll start slowly by adding half a banana to my cereal or smoothie in the morning. Blueberries are my thing right now, so those always go in, but I need to branch out more.

Now I'm rambling, so I think that means it's time to stop typing. Later days.