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Inbred Mutt [userpic]
by Inbred Mutt (typhoid)
at 11th December 2007 (15:48)

Right now I am: amused

I really wish these products existed for more than the PS2, or that I'd known of them before now. These are awesome: http://www.thinkgeek.com/clearance/toysgoodies/98ed/

Basically it's an interruption of your PS2 controller, and it will only allow signals to the PS2 when you are exercising. How cool is that?!

Personally I am starting a new workout, muchly involving gaming. That way I hope to keep interested. These are tempting, but with such a high price tag I need to think about it.


Posted by: Saria (shootthecore)
Posted at: 8th January 2008 09:44 (UTC)

Actually stuff like that does exist for more than just the PS2. The Gamebike, for example, works with the PS2, Gamecube, and XBOX. More expensive though, of course.

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