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by tuturmedill (tuturmedill)
at 4th February 2008 (19:25)

Right now I am: bouncy

I am a journalism student at Medill, Northwestern University.
I am currently studying the phenomenon of blogging and its relations to Journalism
I would like to know if I could contact anyone for an informal interview.

Arthur Touchot

Contact Info:


Posted by: Tiffany (krystia)
Posted at: 5th February 2008 01:45 (UTC)

I applied to Northwestern. @_@ I doubt I'll get in though.

Posted by: tuturmedill (tuturmedill)
Posted at: 5th February 2008 04:22 (UTC)

SO can I call you for an informal interview?
I am trying to understand how information is diddesminated in the blogging world. I would very much appreciate a quick response as I need some interviews done by tomorow night!

Posted by: Tiffany (krystia)
Posted at: 5th February 2008 04:38 (UTC)

Yeah, that's fine. I'm very open to interviews. (Taken a journalism class and fell in love with it because of a certain teacher. I plan to minor in it)

my e-mail: infatuations@aol.com

I'll e-mail you if I don't hear back from you before I go to bed tonight.

Posted by: luxekitten (luxekitten)
Posted at: 5th February 2008 10:28 (UTC)

luxekitten@gmail.com - though I'm based in Australia, if that matters.

I nearly went to medil on exchange to do my masters in IMC. Don Schultz is slightly crazy!

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