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Fit Gamers!

We're going to game ourselves into a sweat BABY!

Fit Gamers & Fitness Gaming
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Q: So what is gamingworkout exactly?

A: gamingworkout is a brand new community bringing together gamers who are looking to get fit through their games!

Q: Eh? How does that work Mr/Ms Couch Potato Gamer?

A: Not all games see people sitting on their bums all day. With the likes of DDR now available in your own home, Sony's ingenius EyeToy invention (not to mention specific fitness games for the EyeToy) and even the Wii we are now seeing more gamers getting off their bums and getting fit! Well.. At least, that's the plan!

Q: So how do I get started this whole "gaming regime" then?

A: You'll need either a Playstation / Playstation 2 / Xbox(360) or a Wii. There's a more informative post here about it!

Q: How do I join this community?

A: You can join by clicking here and then you should start by making a brief introductory post. You don't have to do this, but a quick hello and a description of what you plan to do, what you need help/advice/motivation with or what you're currently doing would be pretty nice and hey, it'd help keep this community buzzing!


1. Racist, sexist, fattist or gamist posts/comments are NOT allowed.
2. On-topic posts please!
3. No community promotions please, see community_promo for that.
4. Posts with more than one photo in MUST be being a LJ-cut. Also the photo out behind the cut MUST not be larger than 650 pixels wide.
5. Just be nice and supportive to one another, that's all we ask :)

Any problems/questions/comments/complaints/offers of money please send an LJ message to a Mod, thanks!