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Q: So how do I get started this whole "gaming regime" then?
by Mother-Frakker (privateskylark)
at 18th April 2007 (09:14)
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Right now I am: excited

First of all let me just say welcome to all the new members here and I really hope you enjoy your stay here!

Now, onto the question!

Q: So how do I get started this whole "gaming regime" then?

A: There are two types of Gamercising that you can partake of. You can either do one, the other, or combine the both! It's really up to you :)

1. Pure Gaming Exercise

This basically entails playing a game which is designed to help you get fit. It is a game you will play dancing/flinging yourself around your room! This is probaby best done without friends around ;)

For this you'll need at least one of the following:

  • Playstation / Playstation 2 / Playstation 3 + EyeToy/DDR mat
  • Xbox / Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii

    You will also need:

  • "Fitness" game - For example, EyeToy: Kinetic, Yourself!Fitness, Wii Sports.

    You don't have to have a game purely focused on fitness. You can also use things like Dance Dance Revolution and EyeToy:Play! Games like this also get the heart pumping and will help you lose weight! They're also a lot more fun in my opinion!

    If you need help trying to find a game that suits you or you want suggestions for a good game to get started with then make a post on this community and our members will be sure to help you out!

    2. Gym/Gaming Exercise

    This is when you combine gym equipment with "normal" gaming. Using an exercise bike and playing on your DS is the kind of Gamercising that this regime entails!

    For this you'll need:

  • Any other console
  • Exercise equipment (bike, stepping machine etc)

    I always find this kind of Gamercising isn't as fun as the first type, but it is just as beneficial. It does differ from person to person though so this kind might just suit you more! So grab your controllers or handheld console, get on that stepper or exercise bike and get gaming!


    While Gamercising be sure to make a note of the following:

    DO Start Off Moderately
    Work your way into a routine. Going overboard after a long respite from exercise may result in injury, or at least disappointment. Your workout shouldn't do either, so build up from a moderate beginning.

    DON'T Over-Exercise
    For maximum benefit at minimum injury risk, the body needs to rest and recover. At least a 24-hour rest after heavy muscle strain is advised. Stagger workouts between heavy and light strain. For example, you can alternate a weight training routine with biking.

    DO Warm Up and Cool Down
    A low-impact warm-up before any exercise is essential. It warms the muscles, makes them more limber and easier to stretch, which results in a better workout. It also helps to prevent injury.

    Cooling down after exercising is also important as it relaxes the muscles, lowers the heart rate, and helps the body to recover from the stress of a workout. It'll make you feel better immediately after the workout, and the next morning.

    DO Stretch
    Flexibility is one of the most important factors of fitness. Stretching before, during and after a workout will result in better performance, good posture, fewer injuries, and overall better fitness.

    DON'T Push an Injury
    Listen to your body. If you feel pain, stop. Muscle and joint pain can mean many things -- pushing a small hurt can lead to big problems later on. If pain persists more than a few days, see a doctor.

    DO Watch What You Eat
    Diet is just as much a part of fitness as exercise, and what you eat will affect every aspect of your workout. A proper diet also influences the results of you fitness plan, since it helps build muscle and decrease the percentage of fat in your overall body weight. (We'll be visiting this topic soon!)

    DON'T Dehydrate Yourself
    When exercising, the body needs four to eight ounces of water every 20 minutes to replace water loss. If you become thirsty during a workout, you've already passed out of a "safe" stage of hydration. Take fluids immediately. If you are working out for more than an hour, you may want to consider sports drinks, as the extra carbohydrates help retain body water. But try them out first, as not all work, and some may cause unwanted reactions. Always avoid caffeine or alcohol when exercising, both of which further dehydrate your body.

    DO Have Fun!
    The benefits to working out don't pay off if you don't enjoy yourself. This isn't an excuse for not exercising, as it's still vital to your health. But finding a workout that you enjoy will make the difference when setting a workout schedule that will stick. This is what we hope to achieve here at gamingworkout and I hope that people do find their Gaming Regimes a fun way to exercise! If you find yourself getting bored with your routine then feel free to post it on this community and our members will offer you tips and advice on spicing it up!

  • Comments

    Posted by: kitty_cakes (kitty_cakes)
    Posted at: 28th April 2007 09:12 (UTC)

    what fitness game could i get for the xbox360? Any suggestions?

    Posted by: Mother-Frakker (privateskylark)
    Posted at: 28th April 2007 11:06 (UTC)

    For the Xbox Yourself!Fitness is the only pure fitness game that I know of :) But then, I don't own an Xbox so I can't be sure that that is the only game out there available to you! I'm sure if you made a post asking people there will be quite a few who can help :)

    Posted by: inhuman_a_bomb (inhuman_a_bomb)
    Posted at: 28th April 2007 18:20 (UTC)

    The just released DDR Universe for the 360 if you are into dancing type games. I've been looking for a copy around my house but haven't had any luck so it might be hard to find the game though

    Posted by: ((Anonymous))
    Posted at: 23rd February 2009 11:23 (UTC)
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